Vastu Shastra

Vastu means an ancient science of architecture and construction. In Sanskrit, the word “vastu” denotes a “dwelling” with a corresponding plot of land. Vastu is the science of direction that combines the “paanchabhotham” (the five elements of nature) and balances them with the man and material. Life of person is affected by two things
1) Fate
2) Vastu
each responsible for 50% happiness in one’s life. Hence, vastu is an essential and it has to be followed from choosing a plot (shape of the plot, size of the plot, nature of the soil) to shift in the house.

Different Rooms and their Vastu Rules

According to the vastu rules, basement should be avoided as the empty space under the house is not considered to be auspicious. If the basement is made, it should not be used for living or sleeping. This compliments with the vastu rule and has to be followed.

Below are the few guidelines for the Basement:

  • Basement should be built in Northern or Eastern direction of the house (there should be more space in the east and north directions than south or west)
  • ¼ area of basement should be above the ground
  • Height of the basement should be minimum 9 feet
  • Keep the heavy stuff in north or east direction of the basement
  • Paint the basement with light and subtle colors
Vastu Shastra for basement

Pooja Room:
Pooja room is the place where people get charged with positive vibrations in the morning and the energy that will energize the place, mind, body and soul. Many people ignore Pooja room due to space constraints. But one must make a place for worship where the positive vibrations are nurtured..

Vastu Shastra for Pooja Room
Below are the few guidelines for the Pooja room:

  • Pooja room should be in Northern , Eastern or Northeast direction of the house
  • People should face North or East during the worship
  • Pooja room should never be made in the bedroom or on a wall which is adjacent to the bathroom wall
  • Pooja room wall colors should be white, lemon or light blue
  • Incase marble used, it should be white in color
  • Pooja room should have doors and windows in the North or East direction

The important place in the house where all kind of energies prevails. Kitchen should be placed on its corresponding place “South-East” where it is governed by element of nature “Fire”.

Below are the few guidelines for the Kitchen:

  • Kitchen should be in South-East direction of the house. As an alternative, Kitchen can be placed North-West direction. Any other directions should be avoided
  • Stove or cooking gas should be placed in South-East direction so that person faces East while cooking. Cylinder should be in Southeast corner
  • Water sink should be placed in the North-East direction with the maximum distance from the cooking gas
  • Larger Windows in the Kitchen should be placed in the East side and small ventilators should be in the South side
  • Water storage provision and taps should be in North-East side of the Kitchen
  • Locate the dining table in the North-West direction
  • Place the sink on the North-East corner of the Kitchen
  • Place the Electrical equipment like Microwave oven, Refrigerator in South-West direction
  • The water flow slope should be from Southwest towards Northeast
  • The Food grains storage, Utensils and the overhead almirah should be on Southern and Western walls
  • No toilets and bathrooms adjoining, and above or below the Kitchen
  • The door of the Kitchen should never face the door of the toilet
Vastu Shastra for Kitchen

Master Bedroom:
The place in the house where people sleep with their head in different direction and placement of bed should be taken care properly.

Vastu Shastra for Pooja Room
Below are the few guidelines for the Master Bedroom:

  • The Master Bedroom should always be in the Southwest part of the house. Southwest part represents element of nature “Earth” (implies the heaviness)
  • One should sleep with head towards South, East or West. The head should be never in North
  • The bed placed should be on the South/West walls and if not there, bed should be kept at least 4’’ away from the walls
  • No mirror should be placed in front of the bed
  • The bed should never be placed in front of the bedroom door

The basic sections of the house which might tend to give negative energy if it’s not made as per the vastu principle.

Below are the few guidelines for the Bathroom:

  • The bathroom should be placed in the Eastern portion of the house
  • Fitting of pipes for drained water should be provided on the North-East side
  • The toilets should be constructed to the West side of the building or to the North-West side
  • Taps and Shower can be placed on the Northern wall which suits the mirror as well
  • If the toilet attached to the bathroom, Water Closet(WC) should be placed on West or North-West side and few inches above the ground
  • Bathtub must be placed on the West portion and provision for washbasin can be on North-East
  • Ventilators or Windows should be on the East or North
  • Mirror should always be placed on the East wall
  • The slope of the floor should be towards North and East so that water drains to the Northeast side of the bathroom
  • Washing machine can be kept in Southeast and Northwest directions
Vastu Shastra for basement

Children Room:
To bring out the positive thinking on the children’s mind, care must be taken placing the things at the proper location and in the right direction.

Vastu Shastra for Children room
Below are the few guidelines for the Children room:

  • The ideal direction for the Children room is West direction
  • Place the bed in the South-West portion of the room, so that children sleep with the head towards South or East direction
  • Children’s room door should not directly face the bed
  • Cabinets and Closets should be placed in South or West direction
  • Study table should face East, North or North-East

Dining Room:

Below are the few guidelines for the Dining room:

  • The dining hall should be placed in West corner. Alternatively, dining can also be placed in the East direction as the Sun rays in the morning are very good for the health
  • Dining should not be adjacent to toilet
  • The Pooja room door or the toilet room door should not be open in front of dining area
  • The dining room and the main door of the house should not face each other
  • Refrigerator on the dining room should be placed in the Southeast direction
  • The wash basin should be placed in the Northeast side of the room
Vastu Shastra for Dining room

Verandah is essential as it brings the morning sunlight which is good for health.

Vastu Shastra for Pooja Room
Below are the few guidelines for the Verandah:

  • The best place for verandah is North or East
  • Corners of verandah should not be cut or rounded
  • Plants in the verandah should be in North-East corner
  • Place the maximum windows in verandah

Septic Tank:
The dug in the ground for septic tank should be done carefully to avoid negativity which makes the surrounding polluted.

Below are the few guidelines for Septic Tank:

  • Septic tank should be placed in a way that it doesn’t face the directions like South-East, South-West and North-East
  • The best place for the septic tank is North-West
  • Length of septic tank should be made in East-West side and the breadth should be made in South-North
  • Septic tank should be constructed to the ground level and should not touch the main wall of house
  • The drainage pipes in toilet and bathroom should have their passage in the West or North-west. The contrary kitchen pipes should have their passage in the East or North
  • The main sewage can be located in North, East or West but to be avoided in South
Vastu Shastra for Septic Tank


Vastu Shastra for Stairs

  • Stairs should be constructed in South. West or South-West corners to achieve good wealth and for inmates health
  • Construction of stairs should in the clock wise direction and avoid anti-clockwise direction
  • Stairs in number should not be in even numbers or zero at unit place like 10,20
  • Stairs from South, West or South-West are very auspicious


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